Verity Rear Vision Systems is a company worthy of your business and trust.  We are known for our quality of product and commitment to clients long after the sales are made.

              VERITY VISION

​In October of 2015, Verity Rear Vision found its home, a perfect office/warehouse in Mishawaka, Indiana.  We are thankful for our much-needed extra 5000 sq.ft. warehouse space finished recently!

In many ways, Verity Rear Vision Systems is a "boutique" serving the very large needs of a very select number of clients.  We answer our phones, we know your employees' names, and we have earned your staff's trust.  When the world's largest manufacturer of fire trucks needed a waterproof monitor, they came to us.  When a leading box truck manufacturer needed an authority in the very specialized market of camera systems, they turned to Bill Verity and made Verity Rear Vision Systems their house brand.

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              VERITY AT THE CORE

Beth Ann Verity and Bill Verity are proud to operate Component Solution Services under the name of Verity Rear Vision Systems.  As a fervent organizer, Beth Ann is dedicated to delivering the products that your customers require in an "on-time" basis to your facilities and to improve on our 99.97% success rate.  In March of 2017, Beth Ann received certification from the State of Indiana as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise. 

Bill Verity has been in the rear vision camera industry for over 20 years.  He designed and brought to market the first truly waterproof monitor for outdoor use on fire trucks.  After working with Kids & Cars several years ago, Bill produced the only camera solution to meet and exceed the requirements of the K.T. Safety Act.  This year, he has unveiled the only system to allow a semi-truck driver to see ALL of both sides of his trailer, what is behind the trailer, and even while performing a "jackknife" parking in reverse.​

Ellen Xiao - Vendor Liaison.  Ellen is our boots on the ground.  Her years of factory interaction and inspections are key to reducing quality issues and ensuring product production is on time.  Having one of our employees in the factories ensures our standards.  She performs many surprise inspections.  

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There is a small sign on the wall between R&D and the warehouse that sums up our core:

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Verity does not just buy systems off the shelf overseas, put our logo on them, and ship them out.  We work with engineers, some at our location in Mishawaka Indiana, to design camera systems to meet the safety needs of several industries.

Where some companies just fall for the latest trend and bring untested safety equipment to the market, we perform the needed testing and often help factories make a better product for which we employ the ODM (original design manufacturing) method.  We employ global engineers which help us bring the latest technologies to the market.  An example of our level of professionalism:  when this page was written, we had an engineer in Arizona at a testing ground testing a wireless system on a 5th Wheel vehicle.    Because of all the latest technologies used to transmit information over a truck's wiring harness, we test for compatibility.  We make our products Verity Safe™.

Although we do have an online shopping cart (, our primary focus is OEMs and the Fleets they serve.

One step of every project we do is: How will we defend it in court?  By doing extensive testing, we know our product is the best.  An example is the IP test report for our Legal Vision camera.  Most IP reports are one or two pages long.  Click the bar below to view our C300P IP Test Report.