ADD60S Rear Sensor System

SM07J Sensor overlay Verity Rear Vision
ADD60S 2 20 18.jpg

Truck video displayed parking sensor with audio alarm

Alarm mode:  Buzzer alarm with off/low/high settings and on-screen warning
Buzzer intensifies sound duration as you get closer to objects
Range: 3 inches to 15 feet
Sensor size:   45mm  

Sensor color:  Black
Control Box is IP69
4 Heavy-duty in or under bumper sensors for a quick install
Power requirement: DC 9V~32V
Operating temperature:  -10
Waterproof aviation-style connectors
All exterior cables/harnesses pre-wrapped in wire loom
Connects to all of VerityRVS systems
Monitor on-screen overlay displays distances
Display also indicates which side of the rear bumper the object is 

*Because our Sensor Systems are engineered to pair with Verity systems, our warranty applies only when used with Verity Camera Systems

Wiring Diagram


Sensors can be removed from the mounting bracket

and installed directly into the bumper.

parking sensor at rear car bumper.jpg