ADD63S 2 Level  Sensor System

Our 2-Level Sensor System is designed specifically for commercial vehicles. The ranges are highly accurate at a range of 8 feet away on upper sensors and 13 feet on lower sensors. 
There are two different display options:
Option one and LED display.A small, easy-to-understand display shows both location and distance of the object.  The audible “tone” will change in frequency as the distance to the object decreases; the volume can be adjusted.   The ADD63S includes (4) bumper-mounted sensors (under bumper using brackets or flush-mounted into thru-holes).  Commercial truck drivers appreciate our upper level roof-mounted sensors.  We have designed and calibrated these (2) sensors to detect obstructions behind and slightly above the truck while backing into docks and garages without giving “false alerts” of objects out of the path of the truck.
Key Points:
Upper Level Sensors: Our technology only scans a few inches above the roofline and only outward 4 feet; eliminating false alarms.
Lower Level sensors accurately read 12 feet outward and can be adjusted with a dip switch to exact preferred height without the need for calibration.
Display image can be flipped for roof mount.
Readings are in feet and can be adjusted to meters.
The 3-inch screen provides a clear reading in a low profile housing.
Verity Rear Vision Systems ADD63S 12.5 M
The audible tone can be set to off/low/high with an easy access switch on top of the display - not the typical location behind the seat.