C305 180-Degree Horitzontal Camera 

Low profile rear camera.  No external exposed camera cable to reduce the risk of damage. CMOS PC1058, 800 TV lines, the camera angle is fully adjustable.  Aluminum shell, 100% waterproof with an IP 69K rating.

Helps you see what you are turning into - not what you just hit!

Verity C305 180 degree camera web.jpg


(Camera Part #C305)

Horizontal Resolution: 800 TV Lines

TV System: NTSC

Image Type: CMOS PC1058

Aluminum Housing

Waterproof: IP69K

Power Supply: DC 12V (powered from the monitor)

Operating Temperature:-20℃~+75℃

Viewing Angle: 180-degrees horizontal.

Verity C305 180 degree demen.jpg
Verity C305 180 degree camera side logo.
C305 Template verity Rear Vision.png
C305 open.jpg

Great Risk Management product:

  • Reduces rear corner damage by showing what the truck is turning into.

  • No exterior mounting bracket which reduces theft and damage.

  • No exposed cables which reduces damage to cable and water penetration via the cable.


The two images below compare a standard rear camera image (top) to our new, no fish-eye camera image at a height of 109 inches. 

Note: Images were taken on our REVEAL MDVR at high compression.

The image to the left was taken using our Reveal® MDRV on the high-compression setting.  Camera was 109 inches high and pointing down.

2021-04-27 14-45-15_1.jpg

The image to the left was taken using a standard backup camera. Also at a height of 109 inches high and pointing down.

#05 Feild of view.jpg

Looking down on the image above to show what the camera displays.

C305 Camera wide view trim.jpg