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DVRs & Multiplexers

There have been many improvements in DVR formats, improvements in technologies, and improvements in price.   Many companies are buying standard base models, putting a logo on them, and sending them out the door.  When manuals have Chinese writing on them and the maps have Chinese writing for location, there is something not right with that.  

At Verity, all manuals, tech support material, specific production line manuals, pre custom DVR formatting for OEM and Fleets, printing, and some parts are made in the USA. 

This is the latest upgrade to our REC02U 4-Channel DVR which now supports 2-128 gig SD cards.  Our 2020 version has updated technology, RS232 & RS485, PTZ operations, metal connector tamper-resistant cover, optional LED control panel, better recording and compression, all with a price decrease.  

All PTZ Capabilities are
via RS485 port and Pelco D protocol.
Please call engineering for more details,


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  New! REC02U (2021) SD Card MDVR
  5-channel Mobile DVR supports Dual
  128 GB SD Cards with RS232 & RS485

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Call for information on our

REC03 5-channel MDVR + GPS tracks speed & location

REC04 5-channel MDVR + GPS + 4G WiFi

REC02C DVR built into a 7" Monitor

Being discontinued

New Verity Rear Vision Systems


Several support items ship with this product. They can be viewed / downloaded from the REC02U spec. page.

Prison Bus Interior Verity Rear Vision S
Delivery Men

What do you need to be watched?

School Bus & Children

This Quad Multiplexer fits all our systems & cameras. Used heavily in Fire/Rescue and any
situation where a co-driver needs control, i.e. prison buses, armored vehicles.
Marine applications - view your engine room or use as a docking aid.